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Hello SF State colleagues.  If you don’t find answers to your questions about English/Written Composition courses and Math/Quantitative Reasoning courses below, be sure to contact us at

Registration for Spring 2024 is now closed!

Non-Metro specific sections:

For students who have chosen not to register in a support section: Statistics/Non-STEM B4 stand-alone sections

For students who have chosen to register in a support section: Statistics/Non-STEM B4 with support paired sections



Executive Order 1110 addressed some of the historic inequities related college preparation by removing remedial math and English courses that didn’t count for credit and replaced them with a system of college-level math and English courses with support.  Student placement into these courses, instead of relying on a single, high-stakes test, are now determined by multiple measures (test scores, grades, high school course work, and supplemental advising exercises), giving students multiple ways to demonstrate their current skills and choose the best courses for their success. All courses now count toward the 120 units required to graduate.

Advisor Cheat Sheet for Spring 2024 B4 options

  • Students on pathways 1 or 2 in math MUST take the non-stretch version (DS110, MATH 110, or MATH 199) if they are on the Calculus or Business track.

    • This does not affect students on pathways 1 or 2 in math who are not on the Calculus or Business track.
  • Spring 2024 Admits (new starts) should complete the fifteen-minute math advising module to help them decide which version of the B4 for best for them (continuing students are also eligible to take the FYMA module).
  • CR (but not a C-) in a MATH course during a pandemic semester (SP 20, FA 20, SP 21, FA 21) will count as filling a prerequisite for the next MATH in a series. In all other semesters, a C or higher is required.
  • Some math courses require the purchase of a platform used to turn in homework. Depending on which platform is used, it can cost between ~$28 - ~$85 per student. It is possible to start using the platform immediately and have the fee added to the students account balance through the bookstore.
  • It is strongly encouraged for a student to complete their B4 by the end of their first year. If they are unable to complete the requirement in fall or spring, some B4 courses are offered during the summer.


Detailed Breakdown:

*Reminder, students’ intended major and math pathway play important roles in determining B4 choices. The math advising module will be asking those questions.

STEM B4 Offered

  • MATH 197 – pathway 3 or 4 only
  • MATH 198 (B4)
  • MATH 199 (B4)
  • MATH 226 (B4) (Instructors will ask students to see their high school transcripts if using high school coursework to fulfill prereqs)
    • Prerequisite: One of the following: MATH 198 or MATH 199 or equivalent with a grade of C or better; or MATH 226 or equivalent with a grade of C- or lower; or high school pre-calculus with B or better; or high school calculus with a grade of C or better.

Business B4 Offered

  • MATH 107 – pathway 3 or 4 only
  • MATH 108 (B4)
  • MATH 110 (B4)
  • DS 110 (B4)


Other B4 Offered**

  • MATH 124
  • MATH 124 with MATH 123 (ANY MATH 124 can be paired with ANY MATH 123)
  • ISED 160
  • ISED 160 with MATH 122 (ANY section of ISED 160 can go with any MATH 122)
  • PSY 171 (No support course available)
  • PHIL 111 (No support course available)
  • HIST/IR/PHIL/PLSI 112 (No support course available)


Not offered this Spring:

  • GEOG 203
  • CSC 110

**Metro students who are NOT STEM and NOT Business will take ETHS 116 or ETHS 117 as per their Ed plan.

Advisor Cheat Sheet for Spring 2024 A2 options


  • Non-metro sections of ENG 105 will be open enrollment (no permit numbers & students can register in whichever section they want). The College of Liberal and Creative Arts took a closer look at past enrollment and discovered many students were not staying in their cohort section so a decision was made to un-cohort these for Spring.
  • Metro students will be block enrolled in ENG 105 like they have in the past.
  • The number of ENG 105 sections visible in the Spring schedule is based on the planned number of students we expect to have needing the course for Spring. This number is lower than last year because we have fewer freshmen this year than last, and we expect some attrition between the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • If English sections fill up, there are sections that are listed as tentative that can be opened up to accommodate students. Please inform your advising manager if you notice that all sections of a needed English requirement are full so that DUEAP can contact the college about opening additional sections.

Advice to students this Spring:

  • Please complete your A2 in Spring, if possible.
  • If for any reason, a student is not able to enroll in an A2 in Spring, these are some options that students have pursued in the past.
    • They can take an A2 course over the summer in order to complete their A2 in their first year (this can include the option of taking it with us or at a community college).
    • If a student is not table to take a course over the summer, they should prioritize A2 in fall.


A2: Continuing Students from Fall 2023:


  • ENG 114 (A2)

    • Students who did not sign up for any A2 in the first semester should take this course, unless they are multilingual and want to be in a course (ENG 209) with other students who speak multiple languages.
    • Students who do not pass ENG 114 in fall should sign up again and take advantage of TASC, EOP Tutoring, Metro Tutoring, and other support services.
  • ENG 105 (A2) – second half of the ENG 104/105
    • Students taking 104 currently should plan to register for any section of 105 for spring.
    • 105 sections will not require a permission code this spring.
    • Metro students have been block enrolled in 105 if they are taking 104 in fall.
  • ENG 106 (4-unit A2 course)
    • Fall 2023 starts who do not pass ENG 104 can sign up for ENG 106, a supportive A2 course tailored to these students. This course is for continuing students.
  • ENG 209 (A2)
    • Intended for Fall 2023 starts who are multilingual and have not yet completed A2.

The Math Department supports students taking their B4 for a third time here at SF State only if there is enough seats available after all first and second attempt students have registered.  If a student would like to appeal to take a specific B4 for a third time, they should follow this procedure:

  1. Students must wait until the start of the semester - the Chair will not review appeals before the first day of classes.
  2. Student start by completing the college waiver.  Please note that this form no longer requires a permission code.
  3. Once the semester has begun, the student should contact the Instructor of the section they would like to add, let them know it will be a third attempt, and ask if they can join the class.
  4. If the course has a matched course (such as a 4th hour for 199, 226, 227, and 228, or a required co-requisite like 123), please also write that course on the waiver form.  
  5. If the Instructor(s) approve, they will send the form to the Department on the students behalf.

The English Department is supportive of students taking their A2 for a third time here at SF State to help with continuity and stability.  Currently, it is expected that there will be enough seats available so students should follow this procedure:

  1. During registration, the student should contact the Instructor of the section they would like to add, let them know it will be a third attempt, and ask if they can join the class.  
  2. If the Instructor agrees, they will give them a permission code to add the class.
  3. The student will then complete the college waiver and email it to for approval and processing. (They will accept the forwarded email from the Instructor as the Instructors signature).  Please note that form no longer requires a permission number.

Problem solving, quantitative awareness, reading and writing are all skills that, when practiced regularly, give individuals more power by increasing their effectiveness in analyzing situations, evaluating options, and communicating through complexity to represent truth(s). More immediate, by taking math and writing courses early in your college journey, you will increase your success in all other classes, since they ask you to employ these skills.