Continuing Students

As an SF State student, you may have questions about your English/Written Composition courses and Math/Quantitative Reasoning courses.  After exploring the English and Math links directly below, view the FAQs and contact us with further questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The pathway alert is informational only and is automatically removed either the semester after you complete the requirement or at the end of your second year, whichever comes first. Since it is an alert and not a hold, it will not prevent you from registering for classes in general.

SF State wants to help students move beyond memorization of formulas. Solving problems in groups helps students develop the reasoning skills that will benefit them not only in future math courses, but any courses that require systematic problem-solving. We realize it may be a new style of learning, so be sure to ask instructors, tutors (TASC), and our department for advice.

At this time, there is no stretch version offered in the spring. For extra support, students should take ENG 114 and go regularly to the instructor’s office hours and to campus tutoring at TASC.

If it’s not too late, work with our office to find a summer course at SF State or a community college, as you want to complete both math and English as soon as possible. If summer is not an option, prioritize this class for your third semester.

Please contact us for an appointment to discuss all your options as each situation is unique. In general, if this is the first time you failed, you will probably wish to repeat the same course as a second attempt. For math, STEM majors and BUS majors will most likely have to repeat the same course. Liberal Arts majors often can choose a different course but will not receive grade forgiveness then. If this is the second time you failed the same course, you will either have to appeal to take a third time using this form or you will want to work with our office to find an equivalent to take at a community college. Note that the department will only review petitions for a third attempt after the semester has started and after the instructor of the section you want has provided you a permission number for the form above. This is so that students attempting a first or second time have an opportunity to secure a seat.

Visit the Tutoring and Academic Support Center page (TASC).