The CSU's use multiple measures to place students in one of four pathways for math and English.  These pathways appear on your student center as alerts and do not affect your ability to register for a semester.  Even entering transfer students will get these alerts - almost always as pathway 1 - that shows the computer and advisors that the student has completed their Written English Composition and Quantitative Reasoning/Math requirements. 

The four pathways:

Pathway 1

Fulfilled the general education math or English requirement.

Pathway 2

Ready to enroll in a general education math or English course.

Pathway 3

Ready to enroll in a general education math or English courseSupport is recommended.

Pathway 4

Ready to enroll in a general education math or written communication course with support


At SF State, we supplement your pathway placement measures with an exercise students complete before their orientation: the First-Year Math Advising exercises.  Knowing your pathway is important while considering options though.





Frequently Asked Questions

* Standardized Tests (CAASPP/EAP, ACT, SAT, AP, IB and CLEP)

*High School Grade Point Average (GPA)

*High School and College Coursework (must be completed with a C- or better)

*High School Math GPA


We understand that standardized test scores may not be available due to COVID-19, so placements will be based on high school records.  If you do have scores, though, do have them submitted to SF State if you want them to be factored into your English and math course placement.

The Math Pathway Alert and English Pathway Alert let you know which pathway you are on.  They remain on your student portal until after you have completed your B4 and A2 requirements.  They are merely informational though and will not prevent registration no matter what pathway you are on.  



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