High School Students

The CSU Early Assessment Program (EAP) gives high school juniors an early signal of their level of academic preparation for college and connects them with rigorous coursework in their senior year.

  1. Junior Year Testing: In the spring of their junior year, students take the CAASPP exam at their high schools. Their results indicate their current level of academic preparation in mathematics and writing. (The CAASPP is NOT used for admission purposes). Note: due to COVID-19, CAASPP testing availability may vary by area and year.  Juniors are still strongly encouraged to enroll in the most academically rigorous senior-year English and senior-year math that matches their current preparation.
  2. Senior Year Coursework: Students’ CAASPP results direct them toward rigorous senior year coursework to help them maintain a high level of academic preparation for college.



We encourage high school students to do the following:

  • Ask as many “how” and “why” questions to practice curiosity and listening skills.
  • Find allies in teachers, counselors, friends, families, and community members who can help you reflect on your strengths and dreams.
  • If you haven’t already, join an activity (sport team, community volunteer effort, internship, art group…) to sharpen skills and improve group communication.
  • Explore the admissions process at campuses you are interested in.
  • Explore the FAFSA or Dream Act after you have taken time to understand college costs and understand financial aid.
  • If thinking of SF State, check out both EOPP and Metro: programs that create community and help students excel.